Colourful container backyard concepts in your autumn backyard –

Some colorful container garden ideas that go beyond just flowers for your fall garden. That comes down to This Land of Ours.

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Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay

This is the time of year when flowers are fleeting, but you can keep the show going all season by choosing fall container plants with varied foliage that are colorful, textured and can tolerate a little frost. And they will be reliable anchors for trap pots.

Try purple lacinato kale, orange sedge, Mexican sundance orange blossom, sorbet viola, and stoplight foam bells. Set accents with colorful twigs, from red twig hardwood to winter green.

You could even add a little paint to them to get even more color, and use a tall, narrow container to enhance the effect.

Most grasses look good in pots. Purple fountain grass and blue fescue contrast nicely with pink mothers and yellow everlasting flowers.

Small planters are great accents because you can easily move them around for parties, to fill in gaps in the garden, or just to change the look of your landscape.

Another secret of great container gardens is to combine live plants with dried ones.

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Colorful container garden ideas for your autumn garden

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