Corn ribs ?! Household enterprise depends on meals from San Antonio

It all started when Jesse Reyes’ father asked a question that eventually led to her success.

SAN ANTONIO – So many options, it’s hard to choose.

There’s a brand new food truck business that just opened and it’s called Mad Cow. They are a family business that gets to the heart of iconic San Antonio food like Elote.

But instead of corn in a cup, there are corn ribs.

“I’ve loved food since I was a kid. Seeing my mother growing up as a cook kind of captivated me and it became my passion – owner Jesse Reyes.

It all started when Reyes’ father asked a question that eventually led to her success.

“My dad came up to me a few weeks ago and asked me, ‘Hey, should we get together on this?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, definitely let’s do it,’ “Reyes said. “So we bought the trailer and went from there.”

Your social media photos are so high-resolution that we had to see the menu items for ourselves, from scratch.

“We start with a corn tortilla and minced beef. We add grated cheese, queso fresco and our sauces to it. We add our peppers, which are slowly grilled and chilled so they’re nice and cold and have a nice crispy bite,” said Reyes.

“I love fries. My wife loves fries. So we decided to put our asada or even brisket on top of the fries. And we top it off with our grated cheese and our homemade salsa, a pepper sauce. And then we smother it with beef.” “Barbecue sauce for the chest,” Reyes said.

“One of our favorites are the corn ribs. It’s a corn that is quartered in four pieces and put in the deep fryer. We put it on. We add butter, hot sauce, mayo and cheese and we garnish with a little coriander. It is simply delicious, ”said Reyes.

You can click here to check out their social media and see where they are parked to serve the community.

And Reyes hopes everyone can come out to try their food.

“One of my greatest joys is to see the smile on people’s faces when they take their first bite. And they just say, wow, that’s great, ”Reyes said. “That’s why we do it, you know, and nothing else. Make everyone happy.”

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