Gardening: Planting the Finest Flowers Now – Gardening Suggestions for September

Even if summer is drawing to a close, it does not mean that your garden has to take a back seat. There are many shrubs and flowers that will liven up your garden this month. From fuchsias to fragrant lavender, your garden can still be bursting with bright colors and pleasant scents.

He said, “If you walk around traditional garden centers and pick all the things that look and bloom beautifully at a given time of year, you may be out of color three months later.

“So then it’s about adding things that look good all year round at a certain time of the year.”

Chris suggested planting lavender and hardy fuchsias now as they will likely last longer.

The gardening expert said, “A good thing that is blooming right now is things like lavender, which is very tough and tough and reliable and is really very popular.

Another example of a currently flowering plant is Echinacea, which has unexpected benefits.

Chris continued, “They are also known as sun hats, but they come in other colors too. They are pretty popular.

“As an added benefit, people make tea with the leaves as an immune booster.”

Crops that can now be sown include ruby ​​chard, pak choi, onions, and garlic and broad beans.

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