Livingston Public Library: All About Herbs: Library Applications and Different Sources

September 7, 2021

One of the easiest ways to start gardening is by planting herbs. Since herbs are easy to grow and require minimal attention, you can grow them on the windowsill, in pots, or even indoors (if conditions like sunlight are sufficient). In addition, there are countless ways to use herbs in your culinary creations for seasoning and garnishing – from a few sprigs of mint in a green chutney, fresh rosemary on baked potatoes, a glass of water or fresh oregano or basil on it. to sprinkle pizza. And you are welcome to drink tea or herbal teas, or use herbs for their medicinal properties.

Last February, we heard from Master Gardener Caren White, who introduced the program participants to culinary herbs used in Central and South American, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. She also gave us information on how to grow and harvest the herbs that can be grown here in New Jersey.

Caren will be back on September 22nd at 11am for a face-to-face interview entitled “The Bountiful Herb Garden: Harvesting and Preserving Your Herbs”.

You will find that timing and technique are keys to maximizing the harvest from your herb garden for future use. You will learn how to properly harvest leaves, flowers, seeds and roots to maximize your crops’ yield. In the second half of the course you will be shown different ways of freezing or drying your herbs and you will learn which technique is best for which herb. Caren, who is a member of the Herb Society of America and who manages an international culinary herb garden in Lambertville, will also talk about how to make herbal oils, vinegars, salts, sugars, and butters that can also be used to preserve herbs for the future .

Our Universal Class online learning database offers a course called All About Herbs.

Here are some books on growing, harvesting, and using herbs (in food, as remedies, and even in crafts!) Available with your Livingston library card:

-Archana, adult services and acquisitions librarian

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