Punxsutawney Backyard Membership Plans Fall In Flowers Occasion For Saturday | information

PUNXSUTAWNEY – The Punxsutawney Garden Club will host the Fall into Flowers event this Saturday with special guest speaker Doug Oster from Pittsburgh for the seminar.

The garden club has typically held a Spring into Flower seminar but it was canceled last year due to COVID-19 and postponed this year due to ongoing concerns. This year’s event will take place on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Camp Little Leo

In the past, the event was held in Joyce’s greenhouse as the event consisted of planting a hanging basket.

“We’re not going to plant a flowerpot in the fall, so we’ve changed our approach. So we don’t plant because it’s harvest time when we have it. So our speaker is Doug Oster, a professional gardening media personality, ”said Gloria Kerr, President of the Garden Club.

Tickets are available from Roseman’s Florist at 126 Mahoning Street for $ 20 each. Brunch is served first, then Oster gives a 45-minute presentation and finally the winner of the raffle is chosen.

The tickets cover the cost of admission to be able to speak Easter, breakfast brunch and drinks as well as the goodie bags with free gifts and recipes. The goodie bags contain four King Alfred Daffodil bulbs and one garlic bulb of various types.

Oster provides the garlic bulbs for the bags as most of his talk will focus on the cultivation and use of garlic. He moderates the KDKA Garden Talk Show and is the manager and editor of “Everybody Gardens”. He has a passion for gardening and loves to share his experiences with other gardeners.

“One of his relatives is from the Punxsutawney area, so he has always wanted to come here and paid us a really decent fee,” said Kerr.

Kerr also said the club is honoring Jean Deely, a beloved club member who died in April, by adding her recipe to the recipe collection distributed during the event.

The event will also have a basket raffle. Tickets are $ 2 for one ticket, $ 5 for three tickets, or $ 10 for six tickets. The number on the event ticket will be written on the back of the tickets to identify the winner.

“Everything we collect goes back to our beautification projects,” said Kerr.

She also praised Garden Club members Dena Taylor and Sharron Murray, who are responsible for the brunch; Dotty Jekielek, Barb Certo and Barb Postlewaite, who take care of the goodie bags; and Kay Ritchie and Zana Fye for helping secure camp for the event.

“These are the people who were instrumental in getting these things done,” said Kerr.

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