The native lettuce farmer from Northern Ontario needs to develop the enterprise

Ferme Ojalammi in Warren, Ontario is a large producer of fresh vegetables, especially lettuce. Farmer Matt Ojalammi constantly takes care of around 3,000 heads of lettuce in his greenhouse. The farm is owned by Ojalammi and his young family. The salad is shipped to Smith’s Markets in Greater Sudbury as well as a local restaurant.

“It was a real adventure and a lot of fun,” said Ojalammi. “Who knows where it will take us? But that is the main goal – what can we create for ourselves in our later years? “

Ojalammi and his young family moved from the bright lights of Sudbury to a quiet, rustic landscape in Warren just four years ago. Starting with chickens and a garden, they added two large greenhouses that focus on hydroponically growing tomatoes and lettuce.

“This seemed like such a viable operation,” said Renee Germain, Matt’s wife and partner on the farm. “We knew it would work in Northern Ontario. We had to learn a lot, of course – and we are still learning a lot. “

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