The perfect hydroponic gardens for rising at dwelling

If you want to eat fresh produce year round or to give the woman in your life a unique Mother’s Day gift, an indoor hydroponic planter is a special addition to any home and contributes to a healthy accessible lifestyle. Hydroponic gardens are self-watering, self-fertilizing indoor structures with intact LED lighting, so you can grow almost anything in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and anywhere from fresh herbs to vegetables to fruits.

Hydroponic gardening is the latest trend in home decor, fresh produce, and even the cannabis industry as the design and shape of the structures look like a work of art while you grow almost anything you want in any season of the year. In fact, because of its versatility, Hydroponic Gardening has grown into a multi-billion dollar business that is projected to reach $ 16 billion in sales by 2025, in part due to the ease with which these planters are used to grow cannabis.

Hydroponic garden systems are an investment in your health

Depending on the features and size you choose, these systems can get expensive. Some companies sell the structures with individual pods. So you choose how much you want to spend based on how many plants you want to grow. But there are also inexpensive options and the full range and price points of top-notch hydroponic systems that have everything you need to get started with the indoor garden of your dreams. Once you’ve decided what size you want and what features you need, you’ll find the perfect hydroponic garden for you.

1. Rise Gardens: This hydroponic system comes with an app

Rise Gardens Indoor Smart Hydroponic Garden is available in a large size for those who want an abundance of plants or a smaller size, perfect for your countertop herbs and strawberries. The best thing about Rise Gardens is that the design is straightforward and easy to set up – the garden looks like a bookcase. With this system, water and nutrients flow to the seeds, which do not require any maintenance other than weekly refilling of the water tank.

The coolest feature is that the whole system is connected to one app, ideal for anyone who loves to travel. The app helps monitor growth and alerts you when it is time to feed, trim or pinch the plants, when the water gets low, when to dim or turn off the lights, and when it is time to harvest .

A customer review commented that this system is perfect for city dwellers. A Chicago-based reviewer said, “The Personal Rise Garden is PERFECT if you want to dip your toes into the world of hydroponics and grow your own herb / vegetable supply. The Personal Rise Garden device is absolutely beautiful and looks great aesthetically. It’s about the size of a microwave, making it small enough to fit into a typical one-room apartment without looking out of place. “

Another customer commented on the large-format garden structure – perfect for a cook or a year-round gardener. A Massachusetts reviewer said, “As someone who takes great pleasure in caring for herbs, vegetables, etc. in my outdoor gardens, this is perfect for me. I cook every day and almost always use fresh herbs in my dishes. Since I live in Massachusetts, I cannot reliably access what I need from my garden outside (especially in winter). With a Personal Rise Garden, I don’t have to buy herbs full of pesticides at the grocery store to watch them grow and use them from my own home! I didn’t know I needed it so badly until I had one myself. “

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2. AeroGarden: Look for Discounts or ‘Today’s Special’

If you are on the fence about buying an indoor garden because of the price, AeroGarden always offers its indoor gardens at discounted prices. They always have a “Today’s Special” tab on their website home page. AeroGarden sells a variety of hydroponic systems from countertop sizes to large farm stands, so you, the gardener, can decide whether you want to grow herbs or large salads.

AeroGarden sells a smaller system, the Harvest Elite Slim Growth, which is a great addition to your countertop or end table. The LED skylight provides your plants with sunlight indoors and on the planter there is a digital display with push buttons and controls so that you can control the watering, feeding and lighting of your plants. The system also has automatic reminders for more water and plant food, an easy way to keep your produce growing on schedule.

The larger system, The Farm 24 Plus, grows an abundance of produce, ideal for large households or anyone who doesn’t have enough fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. With its technological advances, this system is completely different from the smaller garden. The indoor garden is controlled via a touchscreen panel, WiFi and even a connection to Amazon’s Alexa, so you can say, “Turn on the water.” This garden also contains reminders when to top up the water and feed the plants with the AeroGarden app.

One customer review commented on the Harvest Elite Slim Growth System (smaller size) – a great gift and perfect for chefs. A customer who lives in NYC said, “This system makes it super easy to grow herbs (I haven’t tried any vegetables or flowers). The root systems created by this device are AMAZING. The light is VERY bright Aerograrden in one place, on that doesn’t disturb your sleep. If you don’t agree with the purchase, do it. I plan to give away several of these machines as a Christmas present next year – to my friends who love to cook. “

One reviewer commented on the larger product, The Farm 24 Plus, and found it to be perfect for anyone without a garden. This reviewer said, “The farm itself is well done. The computer is well programmed and offers a wealth of information! I love that I can check the status on my phone while I’m not home. I am very happy with this farm and even more impressed with AeroGarden’s customer service. “

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3. Gardyn Tech: The garden for anyone who needs technical support

Gardyn Tech’s hydroponics system is large enough to allow thirty large plants to grow at the same time, ideal for anyone who likes to cook or feed a household. The structure is built vertically with seedlings staggered so you can grow more plants on each side of the tubes or poles.

Technology is what really sets Gardyn Tech apart. In the hydroponic garden there are two high resolution cameras that capture all the details of the plants and analyze the development in order to optimize the growth. There are several sensors with real-time information about your Gardyn Home that measure the water level, humidity and temperature. The LED lights are also adjustable so you can set them on your own schedule and make sure your plants are getting the amount they need on a daily basis. The garden also comes with a 6 gallon reservoir so you can go for weeks without adding water to your garden – great for anyone traveling.

One reviewer raved about the simple assembly: “Inserting the seed cubes is as easy as inserting a plug into a socket. I started growing kale, butterhead, arugula, green rosemary, coriander, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and jalapenos. It feels like I go to the kitchen about 10 times a day just to look over my gardyn and look for sprouts. “

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4. Growing lettuce: an art sculpture and garden

Lettuce Grow is a 2 in 1: a work of art and a hydroponic growing system. The modern design complements your home with the round, stackable pods that allow your products to grow 360 degrees around the tower. It’s no surprise that the founders of this chic company are actress Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Penchik, who worked together to create an attractive plant tower that grows everything from fresh lettuce, herbs, fruits, and more.

The hydroponic system is set on a self-timer so you don’t have to worry about when to water your plants or turn on the lights. Not to mention the rush of water is like a fountain, calming and peaceful – it’s something you want to listen to. It can be set up simply and easily by one person in an hour using Lettuce Grow’s textbooks and YouTube videos.

I grow lettuce in my living room and grow everything from dill, coriander, thyme, parsley to fresh bibb lettuce and strawberries. It only took about 1 week for the herbs to grow and about two weeks for me to see progress on my salads. The harvest was an eye-opening experience as I undermined the power of the tiny little seedlings – I made a large salad with my salads. The only requirement from LG is pricing. Between the structure, lights, and seedlings, it can cost around $ 600 – depending on your purchases. This large format structure comes with stackable pods, which can be purchased separately, so it’s up to you how much you want to grow.

Commenting on the beautiful appearance of Lettuce Grow, one customer said: “This is a spectacular herb garden! He is beautiful in every way! The service is fantastic! I received the stand, then a day or two later the pods / plants and all of the nutrients needed to get started. It’s very easy to set up and looks wonderful in the hotel I work at! I encourage everyone to try this product !! “

To read my full personal report and experience of setting up lettuce growing and harvesting, click here.

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